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Our experience starts in 1998 and includes various types of businesses and fields, including the conversion of a 7-person company with $300,000 monthly revenue, into a 50+ person organization with increased revenue of $1 Million plus per/month. Our consulting abilities cover many aspects including, but not limited to: magazine and customer account management, planning and budgeting for marketing campaigns, website concepts and advertising strategy, trade show design and logistics, social media planning, and sales management.

Our commitment to you involves client support and customer satisfaction relating to phone contact, emails, material send-outs, and logistics. Great interpersonal talent with clients and customers provides expansion of companies' B2B and B2C channels. We can help with a range of services - from creation of identity and support materials for new products, to coordination of projects with media outlets, to aerial photo shoots.

Matt Bozarth | Owner & Consultant

Over the past 21 years Matt has been a team member in both technology and non-tech environments. His skill set is a balance of college training and real world experience. With abilities ranging from multimedia production, to management, to data preparation and sales, we offer a wide range of talents to assist your company in reaching its goals. In addition to consulting and brand building, he enjoys hands-on creation of photos, content, and IT solutions.
Dave is a longtime designer and graphic artist with vast experience in both corporate and freelance environments. He specializes in a number of disciplines including 3D animation, graphic design, product package, and more. Dave has produced original materials for various nation-wide businesses and celebrities including X-Games Gold Medalist Snowmobiler Chris Burandt, and Carmine Appice -Author and Rock Drumming Icon for bands such as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Rod Stewart.

Dave Guerrie | Designer & Consultant