Vehicle wrap BIC 01

Vehicle Wraps; Your Business’ Mobile Billboard

One of our favorite creative outlets is vehicle wraps and lettering. If you have a car or truck, or especially a fleet (no matter how small), placing your company identity on those vehicles is a great opportunity for promotion. Roadside billboards are often ignored by passersby these days. Having a moving representation of your business can be a powerful asset if presented well.

Many companies place lettering, or a phone number, or website URL on the side of a vehicle, but have you ever noticed some nondescript signage on a truck or car only to be left asking “What..?” If your goal is provide potential customers with a positive and interesting projection of your brand’s message – then the graphic elements on the vehicle need to professional and impactful, as well as getting the message across clear and concisely.

Many times company owners shy away from this form of advertising believing that it is too expensive and too intensive of a process. The fact is that there are many design options including partial wraps, or even simple lettering that can deliver your message. Sometimes lettering-only options are a good way to drive business and offer an easy platform for future changes. Versus having your vehicle painted to advertise your business, wraps and letter offer a much less costly way to spread your image.